Social Responsibility of Cyando AG

Every month we donate an amount to a selected association and with this page we want to motivate and encourage other people and companies to donate.

Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe

Children are still fighting, not only against their serious illness, but also against loneliness and homesickness in the usually distant specialized clinics. Since more than 25 years, the Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe has taken the duty of helping concerned families and offering seriously ill children the most important in order to get healthy again: Closeness to parents and siblings. This closeness offers the little patients - in addition to medical care - love, strength and confidence and helps them recover faster.
In the Ronald McDonald houses, affected families find a "Home on time" in absolute vicinity to the hospital, as long as their child is under treatment. The generous donation of Cyando AG helps building a new Ronald McDonald house. Thus, parents of seriously ill children can be with their little patients every day and help them in difficult times.
Thanks to the remarkable support of people, sponsors and companies such as Cyando AG, it is possible for Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe helps fulfill new important projects.


l.t.r.: Andrea Neumayer (Charity Manager Cyando AG), Mag. Annabella Priester (Kindernothilfe)

At this time 1.8 million boys and girls are strengthened and protected by Kindernothilfe in 31 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We are happy to help with 10.000 EUR. Especially children cannot help their situation and are dependent on our help.


l.t.r: Andrea Neumayer (Charity Manager Cyando AG), Mag. Walter Paulhart (Save the children)

The remit of SAVE THE CHILDREN covers from work with the disabled, the care of social vulnerable children, the arrangement of godparents, the realisation of development aid and disaster relief, projects abroad on assistance for marginalized groups up to individual assistance for families in need. This work is worth supporting, therefore the Cyando AG is glad to support with 8,000 EUR.


Worldvision is represented in many countries. The focus of their work is to support families and children in developing countries. The current critical situation in Syria is demanding a huge aid of donations. Because of Cyando AG's donation it was possible to activily realize the project "24 Stunden Hunger". 8,500 EUR offers plenty of food and drinks for 472 refugee children for a whole month.


CARE packages save lives. CARE provides emergency assistance on site in natural disasters, earthquakes, famine, drought and humanitarian disasters. Since 1945 the CARE Package is a symbol of charity and helpfulness for people in poverty and distress. Thanks to Cyando?s donation, large aid packages will now be sent to poor places in the world and help save lives.


The world renowned organization Amnesty International fights for a world in which all people can live in freedom and dignity. With Cyando's donation this great idea moved a step closer to its realization and new meaningful actions can be taken in the struggle for human rights.


Let people see again! This is one of the goals that Swiss organization "Licht für die Welt" (Light for the World) has taken on! Cyando's donation supports not only the work of doctors and social workers, but also the incorporation of disabled children into society, as well as giving the gift of eyesight to blind children and visually impaired individuals through medical care and operations.


The organization "Stiftung childhood dream" is fulfilling wishes of seriously ill and disabled children. With the help of Cyando AG another wish will soon come true, because by training a special therapy dog a autistic child will be able to cope and participate in his everyday life.


Cyandos donation this month went to Plan International a girl fund. The Girl Fund is to promote equal opportunities and rights for girls in countries such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. This donation helps to support various projects, which are aiming to protect girls against abuse and violence.


Every child has the right to a childhood - UNICEF is there that this right is a reality. As the world's largest organization for children, UNICEF provides nutrition and health, clean drinking water, schools, disaster relief and protects children from exploitation and abuse. The donation of Cyando is a valuable contribution to this important work.


The Future4Children Private Foundation supports children in need and helps them to build a stable future. Under conditions which are everyday for us, they want to give children a chance for: adequate nutrition, clothing, education, but also caring and security. Cyando AG has decided to support the work of the foundation, to ensure a livable future to children.


Since more than 25 years, the Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe has taken the duty of keeping seriously ill children in the vicinity of their families. This proximity grants the little patient love, strength and confidence and helps them recover faster. The generous donation of Cyando AG helps to build a new Ronald McDonald house. Thus, parents can stand by their children in difficult times.


Even at Christmas there are a lot of distressed children nobody cares about. Every year the association "Round Table Austria? organises a collection campaign for these oprhans, which are manly situated in Rumania and Bulgaria. Many dedicated families including their children collect various items, like toys, stuffed animals or paintboxes and store them in shoeboxes to put a smile on these children in distress at Christmas. This year this campaign has been gladly supported by Cyando AG.