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Easy data protection and complete location-independence with uploaded.net.

Uploaded.net is a file hosting service which allows you to back up and easily share
your files with business partners, friends, or acquaintances. The average classic, non-cloud-based services quickly reach their capacity limits. The file hosting service which Uploaded.net offers creates a tailored solution to this - from an uncomplicated free account, to a professional account with state of the art storage solutions and loads of features.
Uploaded.net offers complete location-independent access to all of your backed up data. While you were previously limited to your PC at home or at work, Uploaded.net grants you access to all the data on your account from anywhere - regardless of whether you are using our premium services or a free account. You'll have your data available anytime, anywhere.

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Uploaded PREMIUM

Our Premium-Users are also able to enjoy the following additional benefits:

Unlimited durability of uploaded and backed up files
Parallel Up- and Downloads without any restrictions
Fullspeed while Up- and Downloading
Start Up- and Downloads immediately, without any advertisements and countdowns.
Premium duration incl. points onetime fee Discount
48 hours 500 4.99 €
1 month 1.000 9.99 €
3 months 2.000 24.99 € 17%  
6 months 6.000 39.99 € 33%  
1 year 7.000 69.99 € 42%  
2 Years 9.000 99.99 € 59%  

You'll not only gift yourself, but also receive a complimentary
coupon-code from us for a further Premium account,
in order to give your friends a pleasure.

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Uploaded FREE

If you don't want to use any Premium-Products or just want to test out the features of uploaded.net, you can sign up for a free account over here:

Collect points in order to upgrade your account
Earn 75% of the sale per advertised Premium account
Manage your uploaded files at the file manager
Earn 65% of rebills of your advertised Premium accounts
Registration and use of the Uploaded free account is always free of charge.
You will receive a notification with your personal access data upon submission of your email address.
Switching from a free account to a premium account is a smooth, problem-free process and can be done at any time.